Hospitality Industry Tips: Targeting Special Occasions

Understanding the Essence of Special Occasions

A special occasion, as the name suggests, traditionally refers to a moment of significance or celebration in one's life, such as a birthday, wedding, or an anniversary. Beyond these, occasions could also revolve around cultural events, festivals, or seasonal shifts like summer holidays and winter retreats. But in hospitality we have the power to make any occasion special – we can elevate smaller key moments in everyday life, like brunch meetings or after-work drinks.

The concept of occasionality is pivotal for us, not simply because these occasions demand a certain level of service, but also because they often inspire heightened spending. For instance, people are more likely to splurge during the festive season or a celebratory event – offering the industry an opportunity to maximise their revenues. Moreover, understanding and catering to occasionality allows businesses to create tailored experiences that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, fostering a sense of community and connection among your customers.



Creating Unforgettable Experiences for Special Occasions

To capitalise on these occasions, we must create experiences that align with these moments. This involves strategic planning and imaginative execution that focus on unique customer needs.



4 Ways Hospitality Businesses Can Make Special Occasions Memorable

Limited Edition Serves and Price Points

Incorporating limited edition serves or exclusive price points adds an element of novelty and exclusivity. This approach can encourage patrons to indulge in new experiences and further encourage repeat visits, boosting your revenue.

Drinks Menus Relevant to the Occasion/Time of Day

Tailoring drinks menus to fit the occasion or time of day enhances the overall experience. Fewer, but more intentional choices make it simpler for guests to select a suitable drink, thus heightening their satisfaction and maximising their time making memories in your venue.

Considering the Tempo of the Occasion

Understanding the occasion's pace aids in curating offerings that sync with guest expectations. For instance, light, easy-to-consume drinks may be apt for a bustling evening party, while indulgent cocktails could be ideal for a relaxed brunch.

Social Media and Website Promotion

Promoting occasion-focused offerings through social media and business websites helps generate excitement, attracts new customers, and bolsters brand visibility.

Our Expert Recommendations For Special Occasions

Capitalising on special occasions is not just about identifying them but also about intelligently leveraging these moments to delight guests. Here are our top tips:

  1. Identify the occasions relevant to your market
  2. Plan and promote your offerings well in advance
  3. Consider key serves famous for specific occasions and elevate them
  4. Incorporate flavours synonymous with occasions—think gingerbread during festive winter times
  5. Always have signature serves ready for each occasion, and don't shy away from creativity
  6. Prepare tactical menus for major occasions
  7. Create a sensorial experience with aroma, touch, sight, and even sound - through glassware, garnishing, and in-venue music
  8. Make your offerings stand out with a unique selling point and an elevated price point.

Tailoring offerings to occasions is a fantastic strategy to create excitement and engagement among guests, while bolstering your venue’s popularity and profitability. Staying attuned to the needs and desires of customers and adapting to the latest trends and opportunities ensures that your venue will continue to thrive in the highly competitive hospitality industry.

In conclusion, special occasions offer a grand stage for the you to showcase your creativity and acumen. By effectively identifying and utilising these opportunities, you can not only enhance your brand visibility and customer satisfaction but also significantly boost your bottom line. Remember, the key is to provide a personalised, memorable experience that leaves patrons wanting more – turning special occasions into special opportunities.


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