Shandy – The Growing Trend In The Beer Industry

There’s a new wave in the beer industry, shandies have emerged as the drink du jour. Bursting with vibrant character, shandies are rapidly redefining beer enthusiasts' palettes. 

Some Key Trends In The Beer Industry

  • Shandy/Radler stands as the fastest-growing beer subcategory, seamlessly blending fruit with classic beer 

  • Cocktail-inspired beer serves have seen a significant uptrend 

  • Beer (46%) and cocktails (31%) remain the most preferred alcoholic drinks for customers on a night out 

  • A remarkable 2 in 5 beer/cocktail aficionados have chosen a beer margarita in recent months 

  • Anticipation bubbles as nearly 4 in 5 intend to try cocktail-inspired beer serves like beer margarita or chelada.  

Fruit Shandies Is A Rising Trend In The Beer Industry

Shandies, with their fusion of flavour and subdued alcohol content, answer today's quest for lighter, innovative options in the beer realm. From refreshing citrus zests to delightful berry blends, shandies are crafting a niche in an industry primed for evolution. As this beverage ascends, venues like yours stand at the brink of a golden opportunity - one that combines tradition with modernity. Très intéressant! 

What Is Causing The Rise In Popularity of Shandy?

  • Gateway Effect: Cocktail-inspired serves act as a passageway for brand exploration 

  • Low Alcohol Appeal: A revived passion for low-alcohol beers positions shandies as the top choice 

  • Youthful Affection: Young aficionados fuel the craving for crafty, classic beverages 

  • Feminine Flair: Shandies offer a drink that appeals to the feminine, seeking both lightness and elegance. 

How to Target This Beer Industry Trend

Flavoured Syrups

Explore the joie de vivre with flavoured syrups. They are excellent when creating fruity concoctions – from tangy citrus to tantalising berries, there's a myriad of sensations waiting. Dive into bolder avenues with herby and spicy infusions. Let basil-lemon-thyme or jalapeño-lime tantalise those taste buds.  

Carbonation Variety

  • Flavoured Soda Water: Unleash an effervescent shandy experience with lighter, flavour-packed bubbles 

  • Tonic Water Twist: Embrace the subtly sweet and bitter taste of tonic, creating a distinct shandy profile 

  • Zesty Ginger Beer: A touch of spice, ginger beer offers a fiery kick, adding an invigorating power to the mix. 

Garnish & Glassware

Visual appeal is paramount. Opt for minimalistic garnishes like citrus wheels or mixed berries. As for glassware, shatter norms! Highball or balloon glasses invoke sophistication, reimagining the beer/cocktail paradigm and invoking a symphony of emotions with every sip. 

 A crisp conclusion beckons. The shandy trend is more than a mere fad. It's a delightful fusion of the past and the present, promising a tantalising future. Dive in, experiment, and let every sip tell its own story. Santé!  

 Our Flavours are a great place to look for inspiration on your next Shandy menu item. 


A chalice style beer glass is being filled with a beer.

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