A global celebration dedicated to honouring fathers and father figures. Widely observed on the third Sunday in June, although the exact date varies by country, it offers a promising commercial opportunity for businesses willing to curate a carefully chosen promotional programme.


Father’s Day stands third on the list of busiest spending holidays (behind Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day), with sales of spirits and cocktails soaring. According to market research firm Nielsen, there's a 25% increase in the sales of whiskey, bourbon, and other spirits leading up to Father’s Day. This trend indicates a growing interest in crafting specialty cocktails for this occasion worldwide, presenting an exciting opportunity for drink creators to showcase their skills and offer unique beverage experiences tailored to Father’s Day.

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Bars and restaurants can play a pivotal role in amplifying the essence of Father's Day, transforming it from a simple family occasion into a community-wide celebration. Discover our top tips to inspire your Father’s Day offering:

Create special Father’s Day menus

Extend beyond your regular food offerings by featuring limited-time or combined options for the occasion. Fathers will be visiting with their families throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner. It’s an opportunity to introduce special Father's Day coffee and breakfast menus, lunch menus featuring mocktails, and dinner menus with cocktails. Encourage Dads to trade up and feel truly treated!

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Lunchtime Mocktails- Savour our delicious 'Cactus Pineapple Punch' or explore our 'fruity burst' collection. 

Dinner Cocktails – Indulge in our amazing 'Tahiti' cocktail or explore our ‘Aperitivo collection’ for delightful pre-dinner drinks or our ‘Celebratory Sips' collection for some inspiration.

Promote a family friendly atmosphere

Ensuring a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere that caters to both adults and children will broaden your appeal.

Social media campaigns

Showcase your Father’s Day offerings well in advance via social media. Remind people of the approaching celebration, maximise FOMO (fear of missing out) and secure advance bookings for a smoother day.

Utilise the whole weekend

While Father’s Day is usually celebrated on a Sunday, don’t limit your offer to just one day. Spread it across the entire weekend to maximise the commercial potential of this celebration.

Offer interactive experiences

Enhance your regular offerings with interactive experiences that can be booked alongside. Cocktail making or cooking classes for Dads provide a unique way to extend spending and offer something special for family members to add to Dad's memorable day.

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By making Father’s Day an annual highlight, you not only support your community in celebrating this special day with their loved ones but also promote your venue and reputation with guests. It’s a great way to get new visitors to experience what you have to offer. Seize the opportunity to tap into the trends that make Father’s Day the third biggest spending holiday, boosting your profits!

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