Serving Healthy Options Beyond Dry January

As the world toasts to Dry January, it's not just about ditching the spirits anymore. No, no! The movement is becoming a delightful tapestry of sobriety, health and verve. Bar maestros, here's your chance to leap beyond traditional non-alcoholic serves. This lively guide will take you on a journey to transform each drink into a symphony of health and flavour, not just for January but all year round! 

How Is The Dry January Trend Changing? 

Dry January is witnessing a joie de vivre that goes beyond sobriety. As people increasingly tip their hats to health, it's a clarion call for bars to transcend regular non-alcoholic offerings. Today, we'll unwrap the art of infusing health-conscious elements into your menu, ensuring your venue remains high on the list of those looking to indulge in delicious serves without alcohol. 

The Importance Of Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Consumers 

  • 56% of consumers long for a richer selection of soft drinks. 
  • 61% believe an impressive soft drink line-up elevates their venue experience. 
  • 78% are ready to spend more for premium soft serves. 
  • 65% are drawn to venues with a vast non-alcoholic repertoire. 

Sources: YouGov Consumption Report 21, Value Engineer/Consumer Poll 19 

How To Make Healthy Cocktails for Dry January & Beyond

Salut to Dry January! This month isn't just a detox phase but a canvas for innovation. Dive into a world where each drink tells a tale, not just of sobriety, but radiant health and tantalising flavour. 

1. Infuse Superfood Ingredients 

Superfoods are the heartbeats of the culinary world. Infusing them into beverages offers not just a burst of taste, but an injection of nutrition. Envision a drink powered by kale or bursting with antioxidants; it's the epitome of pleasure meeting health. 

2. Crafted Liquids and Blends

Mixology, mon ami, is pure art. Moving beyond mere juices and sodas, it crafts a tale of diverse ingredients dancing in harmony. Fresh fruits, botanicals, herbs – they're all actors on this vibrant stage, telling a story of flavour without a hint of alcohol. 

3. Low Sugar Alcohol Free Options

Gone are the days when "healthy" meant "bland". By harnessing sugar-free syrups and innovative ingredients, non-alcoholic drinks can sing with complex flavours, all while being health allies. C'est magnifique, non? 

Treat Non-Alcoholic Drinks The Same As Alcoholic Ones 

Oh, the spirit of inclusivity! Non-alcoholic beverages deserve the spotlight, the flair, and the same reverence as their alcoholic counterparts. How, you ask? Let’s unveil the magic! 

1. Menu Space 

Carve a grand stage for your non-alcoholic creations. Organise them with panache, categorising them into mocktails, sodas and more. It's about making a statement and inviting exploration. 

2. Descriptions

Paint a picture with words! Describing each drink in a way that it beckons patrons is key. Highlight its essence, its flair, and make it irresistibly authentic. 

3. Glassware

Presentation matters! The right glass not only enhances aesthetics but adds a dash of sophistication to the drink's narrative and accentuates flavours. 

4. Garnishes

A drink is a visual tale. Adorn it with fresh fruits, herbs or an innovative twist. Let the garnish whisper hints of the flavour story. 

5. Pairings

Imagine a soft drink complementing a gourmet dish. Recommend pairings that elevate the overall experience, creating a delightful dance of flavours on the palate. 

So, café and bar maestros, as you embrace Dry January, remember it's more than a month-long trend. It’s an evolution, a symphony of health and flavour. Let your serves resonate with wellness and authenticity. Cheers to a healthier, more vibrant year-round offering! 🍹🍸🥂 

 Look for menu inspiration on our recipes page, you can even filter Mocktails for a quick look at alcohol-free ideas. 


Two cocktails are placed on a bar. They are both in tall glasses, and contain orange coloured drinks. They are topped with orange slices and green leaves.
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