Inspired by the native home of hibiscus. A refreshingly fruity infusion blends raspberry and hibiscus with black tea syrup. A sparkling take on a classic non-alcoholic iced tea beverage.


Black Tea, Raspberry, Hibiscus





A clear glass contains a red drink topped with three raspberries on a gold pick. In the background there is half a lemon, and cocktail making equipment. Also in the background there are syrup bottles and spirit bottles.


12.5ml Black Tea Syrup mixed with 110ml Water
25ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Hibiscus Syrup
12.5ml Raspberry Syrup


Raspberries on a pick.


  1. Multiply the ingredients by 5 so you have a total volume of 1 litre, enough for 5 serves, and add them to a soda siphon.
  2. Chill the siphon in the refrigerator and charge it with carbon dioxide to make an effervescent liquid.
  3. Fill your glasses with ice cubes. Discharge the siphon into the glasses.


Use this recipe as a starting point for exploring your own unique drinks creation using our true flavour syrup.


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