Mathieu Le Feuvrier

Today, Bar 43 is one of Paris’s most magical rooftop venues, much of that thanks to the creativity and skill of Mathieu Le Feuvrier, now our Brand Ambassador for France. It was here that he chose to return, following a long sojourn honing his craft at some of the most fashionable establishments in Krakow. From Bar 43 he went on to The Peninsula Paris, making his way up to become head bartender, as well as making a name for himself in numerous prestigious international competitions along the way.

French born and bred, Mathieu knows from experience that in France, trends differ depending on not just the season but the region. Every French man or woman has a long association with syrups, often being introduced to them in childhood, and continuing to choose them to flavour their mineral water, wine or beer.

As brand ambassador for France, he’s passionate about really listening to customers and understanding their needs. He likes to take them on what he calls a special ‘journey’ which involves not just helping them discover imaginative drinks, made with exotic new ingredients, but serving them in beautiful complimentary glassware, decorated with unusual garnishes.

Mathieu’s top 5 tips for every drinks master:

  • Great glasses are the starting point for great cocktails
  • Really get to know your products
  • Every drink has a story to tell
  • Be curious. Notice and understand trends and try creating some of your own
  • Always be yourself
picture of Mathieu Feuvrier

Mathieu Le Feuvrier

Our Brand Ambassador for France.

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