Kishan Karunakar

Born and raised in Bangalore, Kishan is always looking to broaden his horizons beyond the familiar. After gaining qualifications in Hotel Management, he’s since worked with a broad range of high-profile brands and bars with international reputation.

As the Brand Ambassador for Mathieu Teisseire in Karnataka, India, Kishan has seen the industry in the region transformed by trends in low/no alcohol cocktails and “DIY” self-created serves. This is where Kishan’s experience shines, using his understanding of the guest’s palate to create serves as unique as they are. 

In Kishan’s own words, “the happiness that I get from converting an idea in my mind into a real cocktail; that’s where I found my passion.” 


Kishan’s top 5 tips for every drinks master: 

  • The biggest tip is to smile! A lot of us forget, but it makes a huge difference
  • Bar knowledge and savvy is essential 
  • Bring flair to your work – from picking up your jigger to shaking your drink, doing it with style is what impresses the guest sitting in front of you
  • Always remember the basics you learnt at the early stage of your career
  • Always keep yourself updated on what’s happening in and around the world of bars and beverages 
Kishan Karunakar with drink, syrup and garnish

Kishan Karunakar

Our Brand Ambassador for India.

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