Chetan Verma

For Chetan, the drink is in the details – that’s why he’s always looking for the right glassware, right garnish and right syrup that will elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. In his words, it’s about “finesse”: using an uncommon mixture of delicacy and skill.

It’s a quality that serves him well as Brand Ambassador for Mathieu Teisseire in New Delhi, the capital of India. The current trend is for delicate floral flavours like Lavender, Hibiscus and Elderflower; rarefied tastes that require a skilled and discerning bartender.

But it’s a skill that doesn’t come overnight: he believes only with experience can you expand your repertoire and become a successful professional.


Chetan’s top 5 tips for every drinks master:

  • Strong commitment to service
  • Knowledge about the right ingredients and converting them into a drink to make it a memorable experience
  • Mastering the craft with the right techniques and service with warmth will always add value
  • Balancing the art of taste and appeal always enhances the beauty of drinks
  • Being creative and focused is the key to a successful professional
Chetan Verma garnishing a cocktail next to a bottle of Mathieu Teisseire elderflower syrup

Chetan Verma

Our Brand Ambassador for Delhi, India.

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