Customers love a classic, so design your menu to include serves that you can create in bulk. Not only will you meet guest demand more efficiently but reduce preparation time while increasing the bottom line.


Movers, shakers, and money spinners

Selecting serves to feature or even ‘call out’ on your menu is as much about working smart as it is about creative execution. So if you are looking for perfect bar drinks, our high profit serves are perfect.

Not only will your customer love them due to their mass appeal and elevation through flavour, but they can all be prepared in bulk, saving you time, particularly whilst on busy shifts and maximising your profits across the board – the perfect serves for your staff to recommend. 

On a wooden bar a champagne glass is placed on a gold coaster. The glass contains a dark red fizzy drink. On top of the glass there is a gold metal cocktail stick with a cherry. In the background there is a small tealight candle in a transparent orange holder.

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