Mathieu Teisseire Acid Lemon Syrup masterfully captures the invigorating essence of fresh lemons, skilfully harmonising their zesty and sour characteristics. Contrary to its name, this syrup doesn't evoke bitterness; instead, it exudes delightful lemony freshness coupled with the lively aroma of zesty lime. Its cloudy hue adds allure across a diverse array of serve applications—ranging from cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, and beers to teas and soda.



Lemon is best-known for its refreshing scent and tart flavour. The fruit's true origin is unknown, although they are thought to have originated in north-western India.

Lemons entered Europe near Southern Italy in second century AD where it quickly became one of the most prized fruits by the ancient Romans. The juice, rind and zest of the lemon are all used in cooking, baking and to flavour drinks such as lemonades, teas and cocktails.

Mathieu Teisseire Acid Lemon Syrup perfectly captures the balanced taste of both sweet and sour, with tangy acidic notes delivering the refreshing taste of lemons. Use it to invigorate a wide variety of drink creations such as sodas, teas and beers.

Mathieu Teisseire 70Cl Ingredient Acid Lemon




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